Working with ADT - NOT!

posted May 9, 2013, 7:04 PM by Edward Dziuk
7 May
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Edward Dziuk from Cox Meadows
I was disappointed to learn that one of our friends just got a new alarm
system installed by ADP.
I should have shared my experience before now, but to make amends, I'll do it
In May last year, I called for service on a Sunday. The voice response system
said that ADP was closed and provided a number I should call for assistance.
It was an ADP sub-contractor. They didn't have any information about my
account, couldn't retrieve it, and refused to respond to my request.
A few days later, I wanted to update the credit card used to pay our monthly
fees. I went to ADP's web site to make the change. It took 2 calls just to get
access to my account. I'd tried when we first got service and it was harder
than pulling teeth. I gave up after a few tries.
After working with their web support staff a couple of times, I got access to my
account. I then proceeded attempt to change the information so that a new
card would be charged. The web site was so dysfunctional that I gave up after
2 more calls to support and 3 attempts. See the screen shots that I took of
the problems that I had below.
At this point, I decided I'd had enough of ADP and arranged for Safeguard
Security, an Arizona company, who has provided top notch service at a fair
price. I have better more comprehensive service at a lower monthly rate than
ADP was charging.
Fair disclosure: If anyone requests service from Safeguard Security and tells
the sales rep that I referred them, they get a month free, and I get a $50
credit to my account. It will work the same for any customer on Safeguard's
ADP filed a complaint on my credit record, and has been trying in vain to
collect $171. I figure we had a contract that they were not living up to. I wasn't
getting fair value for my subscription price, and I refuse to pay for something I
don't get. ADP and I aren't done yet - I'm just getting started.
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Gaining access to my ADT account (4 tries)