Intuit's Customer "care"!

posted Oct 27, 2012, 8:22 AM by Edward Dziuk   [ updated Nov 11, 2012, 11:57 PM ]
Having been a Quickbooks ProAdvisor for 14 years, I remembered, yesterday, that my subscription expires about this time of year. I was dismayed when I logged onto my account to be met by a screen announcing my membership's  expiration. The page offered only 2 options. I could start a chat or call the ProAdvisor group.

Although, I'm able to order and pay for a subscription online, I figured Intuit had made it miserable for me because I had the ingratitude to let my subscription lapse.

Unhappy, I called "customer service", and selected the queue for membership services from the menu. After waiting on hold for 20 minutes, I explained to a representative that I had recently received an email about a purchase on my account, but none to warn that my subscription was about to expire. The representative said that I was fortunate for only having to hold for 20 minutes, and verified that the email address associated with my account was invalid. An Intuit representative had edited it during a previous call.  He corrected my email address. Then, he said he could provide no further assistance and forwarded my call to sales. I was steaming by this time, but endured another 15 minute wait before speaking to a sales representative.
Intuit is quite proud of their new and improved website, despite its defects. Other online accounts allow me to update my contact information online. Not Intuit!
A sales representative reviewed my account and said my subscription hadn't expired! She said there have been several problems with the website. The new design hadn't been fully debugged. She assured me that my account representative would call me in the afternoon to restore my subscription.

I hung up the phone at 10:30, unhappy to learn that Intuit had wasted 45 minutes of my valuable time. My account representative hasn't called yet, and I don't have access to my ProAdvisor subscription. I have a current, valid credit card on file which Intuit has used for years to renew my subscription. Otherwise, it wouldn't be necessary to lock out expired subscriptions. Sadly, Intuit has lost the ability to execute this simple transaction.
Since Intuit is conspicuously unwilling to allocate adequate resources to its quality control programs, it will be a cold day in hell before I will trust critical business systems to Intuit's forays into cloud based services 

Over the last few years, Intuit has unapologetically adopted a policy of pushing out products that have been insufficiently tested and debugged. I have accounts in my files of serious defects that resulted in significant losses of money and time. I havent encountered a case where Intuit was willing to adequately compensate its customers for their loss. Unless you are technically adept and willing to become an unpaid consultant, beware of being an early adopter. If your need for cloud based solutions is urgent, I recommend that you evaluate other offerings.

Edward Dziuk
Certified Public Accountant
Information Technology User Advocate