Do you really want to tie the knot with Motorola? a CLIQ review 10-27-10

posted Oct 27, 2010, 1:32 PM by Edward Dziuk
When the motoblur facility works, my wife can sit at the computer all day long without interfering with my access to email or any of the social networking accounts that I maintain.


According to my best guess Motorola now (as of October 2010) is providing token support to this product that has been technologically obsoleted by subsequent motorola offerings.

Bottom-line Summary:
Screw the T-mobile customers that still have a year or more on their contract with this edsel, who are tired of doing bi-monthly (or more frequent) hard data resets on the phone because of continued corruption to the motoblur database that provisions the phone's raison d etre. There must be 1 engineer working on the android 2.1 who has now missed promised delivery dates 2 times. (Motorola just solicited 2,000 testers for beta testing after missing the early 4th quarter delivery date). And there are NO engineers working on solving issues associated with the motoblur database.

My first data reset was required for continued access to news and social networking updates 4 months after placing the phone in service for the first time. It was a whole 2 months before the next data reset was required and that was a month ago. Now I'm getting ready for the third reset! Wow!

This is the third motorola phone that I've purchased and the third time that I've promised myself that I'd never use another motorola product. Trouble is they seem to be on the leading edge of every sea change in communications technology and I get sucked in again. Too bad that they are so short on execution.

As it was neatly expressed on CNET

I have no idea how many people still own a Cliq nor how many of them really care about Android 2.1 at this point. My gut tells me that anyone looking for a decent Android experience has likely moved on to a new phone. Having said that, those who do grab the update should be over the moon with the differences.